Bottled Happiness ❇ Open (Event Para)

Potions were a wonderful thing. Jia was rather confident of that as a fact. What wasn’t to be liked about a bottled enchantment, something that could be given as a gift or slipped to an unsuspecting victim? They were a lovely bribe, a tool for manipulation… an endless supply of amusement and fun for her. And now, balanced on the palm of the veela’s hand, was just such an item, obtained for free from a strange gypsy woman. What could go wrong?

There was, however, an obvious problem. Jia had no idea what the little bottle’s contents would do. She could drink it herself, of course, or she could test it out on some unsuspecting student. Or very possibly, someone could identify its effects for her. Narrowing her eyes at the bottle, Jia continued to sit on the bench she had settled on, trying to decide which course of action would be the best.

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